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There are a wide variety of teleprompting scenarios: some utilizing the traditional ‘beam-splitter glass’ for scrolling text, and others providing visual prompts in the form of images, slides or bullet-points.

Regardless of your needs, we cover the gamut of these possibilities, from single camera units, to multi-camera setups, and interrotrons (similar to “Eye-Direct").

We have large (19”) prompter kits, medium kits, right down to small-and-portable (10”) kits, to fit every requirement.

We routinely include a “director’s prompter monitor” which lives in "video-village” and allows the director or script supervisor to follow along with what the talent is seeing… without having to step in front of the camera.

And… we can also run prompter OTS setups as dialogue aids.

Perhaps one of our greatest skills is being able to help you format your prompter scripts to make them easy to read out-loud naturally for your on-screen talent.

Reading, but not having it sound like its being read, is not easy.


We will put our experience to work for you, and coach you on your delivery.

Image by Avel Chuklanov

All of this combined, is what we like to call our

“Personal Prompter Package”.

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