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What our Clients have said about Us...


"I run a production agency in the South Bay and Steve Young is our go-to audio guy for all corporate projects. He's knowledgeable, reliable, and does a great job every time. He comes with all the equipment needed and we've had him mic up to 4 people at a time with no issues. He can even bring his own assistants for streamlined workflow and billing when the scope of work calls for it."

"Steve Young has been a trusted production sound engineer for my company Satellite Films for over two years now. He’s dependable, does quality work, and a great guy to boot. He’s my go-to guy. Highly recommended!"

"Steve is one of our go-to sound people in the Bay Area (and beyond!). He's extremely professional, reliable, and communicative. Thanks to Steve, we have been able to get great sound, audio notes, and he even named the files after the takes on the slate which made for an easy edit. I highly recommend booking Steve for any corporate gig!"

"Steve Young is very professional, organized and pleasant to work with. His energy and good attitude inspires others on the crew. He always provides a helping hand to make the move in and wrap go quicker. He is my go-to location sound person."


Jeff Caroli

DP & Creative Director

Sun & Moon Films, LA


Charlyn Villegas

Chief Production Officer

Four Winds Creative


Kuang Lee

Executive Producer

Satellite Films


Chris Denise

Art Director

Stage One Creative Spaces


VIDEOGRAFIX currently has over 200 endorsements for video related expertise on LinkedIn.

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